Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lucha Britannia Lucha Underground November Knock Down Semi Final!

The Lucha championship semi finals are here!!

Tickets for the next Lucha Britannia Lucha Underground extravaganza here!

Over the last few months four Luchadores have battled through to this penultimate round.
You will see Bradford W Bush square off against the Bengal Tiger.
Then you will see El Pirana go toe to toe with Leon Britannico!
The winners of these two matches will face each other at the grand final in January to see who will become the first Lucha Britannia Champion!

Plus a whole lot more of thrills, spills and bellyache pills including:

Bradford W Bush vs The Bengal Tiger.
Toxico & Estupido vs Metallico & Fraser the 8Bit Wonder.
El Pirana vs Leon Britannico.
Necrosis & Santeria vs The fabulous Bakewell Boys.
El Demonio D'Oro vs Transexico.

The high flying, award winning Cabaret Siniestro Wrestling show of the year, returns to make you gasp, rasp, woo, scream & clutch your undies!
With Britain's finest Lucha Libre, hard hitting, gravity defying stars & Neo Burlesque Beauties, featuring a huge cast of misfit miscreants from our RetroFutureVerse!!!

Join the RevoLuchan!
Break the Silence!!

Dress Code - Exotic, Erotic, Quixotic or just damn Luchatastic!!
Star-crossed lovers, half human/half monster, famous couples, Mexican, retro, futuristic, showgirls, lucha libre, militaria, ballroom, harlot, gentleman, Victoriana, TV, men in black, circus, fetish, avante-garde, superhero, cyberpunk, steampunk, transvestite, animal disguise, vaudeville, ostentatious, old school wrestlers, kinky civil servants...just be wild!!!

* "It don't get much better than this. Mexican, British and Japanese wrestlers will be covering themselves in Deep Heat and causing 'muchos' pain, while burlesque starlets, gimps chomping at the bit and strange theatrical encounters make for one of the very best nights in town." - TIME OUT

* "Subversive and slickly packaged, this is a new school of weird - and I can't wait for the next one! Lucha Britannia is destined to be huge!"

* "Pounding your senses with devilish slices of delightful cabaret, it's a lovely mix and I want more, more, more! You won't find a mix of thrills and decadent theatrics like it anywhere in the UK."

The Future is Lucha!

Want to become a professional Wrestler/Luchadore ??
Then try the London School of Lucha Libre here!


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