Sunday, 29 March 2009

Breaking the Silence at SE1 Club & I D scans!

In these draconian like times, even the semi-regular Lucha underground safe-haven of London Bridge's Se1 Club has been compromised by the system!

Yes, Security id scan checks were in operation! This was O.K. for the Lucha Britannia United Resistance Movement regulars who obviously have state of the art deception methods but what does this bode for the future of British clubbing where apparently all night clubs will enforce a 'No photo id, No entry' rule?

The 'Retrofutureverse' is closing in on us but luckily our Lucha warriors, Glamazon Luchadoras, Freaks and Uniques are well prepared with foolish, moral building entertainment and insane fighting skills the like of which, none other can compare!

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to see the sneaky peaks of our most recent dangerously funny wrongness and rightness!

Breaking the Silence yet again!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Award winning British wrestling and cabaret siniestro returns to London Bridge!

Attention !!

After their unforgettable battle at the Brit awards and live ITV2 television appearance, The award winning 'Lucha Britannia' bring their own brand of iconoclastic, Lucha Libre Wrestling, OTT humour and hard hitting 'Cabaret Sinestro' back to London’s SEone Club on Friday 27th March for their 'Super Spring Surprise Show'.

(Please note that this is your only chance to catch Lucha Britannia's London show till after the summer festivals.)

So what have Lucha Britannia got in store for you and your friends this time...?...

More Fighting...More Comedy...More Horror... More Fetish......More Music...More Spandex......More Latex...More Heels......More Lingerie...More Action. . . . . .


New Matches, New Gimmicks, New Characters, New Performances!

The Baron and Missy's Misadventures!
(A live-action-silent-movie cabaret act inspired by, traditional freakshows, slapstick comedy, cartoons, tap- dancing, pantomime, cabaret, and everything that creeps!)

The Zombie Dance Resurrection!
(introducing our stunning new luchadora Miss Miranda)

Spring Bunny Mayhem!
(Thats right, Men in Fluffy Bunny outfits beating the hell out of each other!)

Glamazon Luchadora's Pillow fight!

And Plenty of

Lucha Libre Lunacy from...
Necrosis, Leon Britannico, El Parano, Metallico, Bengal Tiger, Shiro Yoshida, Bradford W Bush, and more!


Lucha Britannia's Silence Breaking Music Spinning DJ's:
Mark McCarthy: Dane3001: Stuart Vern: Miss Vinci:

Dress up in your most decadently inappropriate attire for a riotous night out!

The Cabaret is Risqué!
The Costumes are Outrageous!
The action, darn right Dangerous!


The Future is Lucha!!!
Viva El RevoLucha!!!!
Break the Silence!!!!!

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