Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lucha Britannia 1st live British wrestling on ITV for over 20 years!

Yes Folks, its a fact!
Lucha Britannia's brief but exciting interview and subsequent wrestling action between presenter Rufus Hound and Lucha superstars Shiro Yoshida, El Parano and Leon Britannico, marks the first British wrestling fed to appear live on ITV in over twenty years!
Lucha Britannia was a big attraction at the 2009 Brit awards after party in London's Earls Court arena and put on a spectacular three hour show for the thousands in attendance!
Johnny Vaughan, on Capital radio's breakfast show, name checked the mighty Lucha Britannia on his program on the morning of the Brits.
Also on the BBC's news feed about the Brit Awards, Lucha Britannia, the wrestling ring and their Logo was seen and mentioned.
All the British Luchadores and Luchadoras at Lucha Britannia wish Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky the very best in their Oscar nominations for the film, 'The Wrestler'.
More news as we break it!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Lucha Britannia feature heavily at the Brit Awards 2009 in association with Mastercard

Lucha Britannia feature heavily at the Brit Awards 2009 in association with Mastercard.
That's the official word.

And what an after-party show we have lined up!

1. El Parano vs The Bengal Tiger (1on1)
2. Necrosis vs Metallico vs Leon Britannico (triple threat)
3. Sir Thomas Chamberlain vs Estupido the Human Torpedo (1on1 handicap)
4. Pretty Pervy Pig & Rabbit vs Pretty Pervy Bug & Fox (Woodland Tag Team)
5. Chamberlain, Metallico & Bradford W Bush vs Shiro Yoshida, Bengal Tiger,& Leon Britannico (Six man Tag)
6. El Elvisio vs El Hombre del Mercury (Death Match)

This Lucha Britannia show features the in ring debut of the quarrelsome inflatable animals of Pretty Pervy!!!
New latex couture from Atsuko Kudo!!!!
And the resurrection of the dead with a zombie dance!!!

With new Luchadoras, entrances, masks, music, characters, costumes and craziness!!!