Friday, 9 September 2011

The Lucha Championship race begins!

The race for the championship belt starts this month at Lucha Britannia Lucha Underground!
Last month the Lucha championship belt was revealed and this month all the super Lucha stars want a shot at trying to win it, after all, who doesn't want to be a champion???

Following last months incredible defeat of the mysterious monster, Santeria and Transexico by Leon Britannico's little sister, Janey in an inter-gender triple threat match, the RetroFutureVerse was turned upside down and may never be the same again!!
We also saw the d├ębut of the Fabulous Bakewell Boys and the 7 feet tall Hooligan No.1.

For this months awesome show you may well see....
Benjamin Louche, Glamazon Luchadoras Mamzelle Maz & Miss Miranda, Medical Bitches Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Estupido the human Torpedo, Shiro Yoshida the Japanite BuzzSaw, Leon Britannico the British Lion, Metallico King of the Scrap Heap, Bradford W Bush the Yankee Wanka, Major Lee Rotten, Necrosis the Half Zombie, The Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, El Pirano the Swamp Fish, El Demonio Frio, El Transexico, Santeria, Texico, Faith Bush, Janey Britannico, the fabulous Bakewell Boys, Hooligan No.1 & too many more to mention!!


Join the RevoLuchan!
Break the Silence!!

Dress Code - Exotic, Erotic, Quixotic or just damn Luchatastic!!
Star-crossed lovers, half human/half monster, famous couples, Mexican, retro, futuristic, showgirls, lucha libre, militaria, ballroom, harlot, gentleman, Victoriana, TV, men in black, circus, fetish, avante-garde, superhero, cyberpunk, steampunk, transvestite, animal disguise, vaudeville, ostentatious, old school wrestlers, kinky civil servants...just be wild!!!

* "It don't get much better than this. Mexican, British and Japanese wrestlers will be covering themselves in Deep Heat and causing 'muchos' pain, while burlesque starlets, gimps chomping at the bit and strange theatrical encounters make for one of the very best nights in town." - TIME OUT

* "Subversive and slickly packaged, this is a new school of weird - and I can't wait for the next one! Lucha Britannia is destined to be huge!"

* "Pounding your senses with devilish slices of delightful cabaret, it's a lovely mix and I want more, more, more! You won't find a mix of thrills and decadent theatrics like it anywhere in the UK."
The Future is Lucha!

Here are our upcoming explosive dates!

Friday 16th Sept Resistance Gallery London:

Out of town shows: special two show takeover!!! There will be a matinee all ages show and an evening 18+ event. 2 shows 1 day 2 dates. Breaking the Silence all the time!!
Sun 9th Oct

 Sun 16th Oct

Friday 21st Oct Resistance Gallery London

Friday 18th Nov Resistance Gallery London
(Tickets for our Lucha underground London shows sell out very quickly & only go on sale after the last event has finished.)

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