Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy Lucha Britannia Xmas and new year Lucha Underground!

Bengal Tiger & Mamzelle Maz at 2009 Brit Awards by Lou Smith

It's that time of year again when our Lucha heroes and villains go deeper underground and regenerate ready for the new year and the new 'Lucha Underground' program!

'Lucha Underground' will 'start in February and herald the onset of regular monthly super shows at the secret hideaway base of the 'URM' (United Resistance Movement), Resistance Gallery.
Bradford W Bush vs Shiro Yoshida @Bizarre Ball 09 by Tom Medwell

The RetroFutureVerse which Lucha Britannia inhabits is growing stronger all the time and has reached a point where it's not enough to only put on big shows a few times a year, hence regular smaller shows as well as the mega ones.

Our Luchadors, Luchadoras and our legions of supporters want and need more and good golly gosh thats what were gonna give em...

More! More!! More!!!

Updates to follow,

Break the Silence!!!!!

Leon Britannico vs Ultimo Perversio at Bizarre Ball 09 by Tom Medwell

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lucha Britannia Co-Producing Bizarre Ball for second year running!

'Bizarre Magazine', the world's no.1 alternative culture mag, again enlists the heroic skills of throwing together a great party from Lucha Britannia!

After last years incredible success of the Bizarre Ball, the gang have dug deep to provide what can only be described as 'the biggest freak party of the year' for 2500 of us freedom fighting party goers!

The underground Resistance subversive fighting and 'Cabaret Sinestro' stylings of 'Lucha Britannia' are yet again an essential part of London's thriving sub-cultural scene and are serving as leaders in underground entertainment, with the mainstream itching to get in on the act!

The creative team behind 'Lucha Britannia' are leading the way, both individually and together with their valiant and uber-creative way of getting things done and providing new and interesting ways to create, promote and run events of all kinds in the UK's capital.
They are currently going all out in production for this years 'Bizarre Ball', promising the seemingly impossible task of topping their last shows and indeed last years ball...But top themselves they do each and every time with the very best entertainment that can be found anywhere in the world at this super creatively rich time.

Saturday 17 October 2009

SeOne Club
Weston Street
London Bridge
London SE1 3QX

8pm – 4am

More details and breaking news:

Three arenas of raucous rock‘n’roll, bawdy burlesque and freak show frippery, including…

Crazed comedy and surreal sing-alongs!

New Horror for the Ball!

Crazy, crazy girl… crazy, crazy show!

See Bizarre′s Super Freak in the flesh!

Clubland’s best kept secret, live on stage!

He’s the host who’ll give you the most!

Wild and wanton sideshow craziness!

Carrot–chomping sex on legs!

Shocking performances!

And of course High Flying, Bone Crunching Lucha Action!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Former Lucha Britannia Super Star now on WWE's ECW!

Former Lucha Britannia super star, Sheamus 'SOS' O'Shaughnessy is now a force to be reckoned with on WWE's ECW.

The young giant from Ireland was battling his way through the Lucha Britannia team just two short years ago and is now terrorizing the roster of ECW with his monstrous arsenal of moves and power.

Lucha superstar Shiro Yoshida has had first hand experience of the Irish Curse.

"Sheamus is a big, strong, angry man! I was on the receiving end of one of his freak outs at the end of one of my matches against Bradford W Bush. He ran into the ring, pretended to assist me but instead smashed me with his axe, slammed me to the canvas, and choked me unconscious with his weapon. We all thought he was honorable till then...However i hold no ill will and wish him the best of luck, wherever he may compete."

Sheamus is currently a rising star on ECW along side fellow Brit's, Paul Burchill and Katie Lea, and they are now part of the largest wrestling federation in the world.

Monday, 13 July 2009

London's wrestling stars to give seminar on masked Lucha action

From Mexico to North America to Japan stopping briefly in the 80's in England, and now again in the 00's, masked wrestling is the height of underground cool!

Veteran star of 'Lucha Britannia', Shiro Yoshida, is giving a rare talk on the history of the masked wrestling art called 'lucha libre' on the Saturday of the 'Iconography of Mask' festival.

Also speaking will be Resistance Gallery owner & Lucha Britannia creator, Garry Vanderhorne.

Garry will be doubling up with Shiro to provide what will almost certainly be a passionate and insightful look into the world of masked wrestling, it's history, it's future and what it means today.

Also at times throughout the three day of events, Stars of Lucha Britannia will be giving demonstrations and available to chat with, about the dangers, high's and low's of the art of Lucha Libre wrestling.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wrestling & Sinister Cabaret Lucha Britannia style at Download

Battered, bloody, and bruised, Lucha Britannia are recovering after their 3 night headline takeover of the Download festival.

The thousands of new 'United Resistance Movement' warriors turned out en-mass, to witness and support the Lucha mayhem.

The fans who were fortunate enough to get past the on site, jobs-worth security were treated to a succession of spine tingling performances from Vivid Angel, Crazy White Sean, Pariah Circus, Syban V Manticore, Pretty Pervy and Bunny Bam Bam.
And of course incredible bouts of hard hitting-high flying-hardcore action from Necrosis, Leon Britannico, El Parano, Shiro Yoshida, Estupido, Bradford W Bush, The Bengal Tiger, El Thumpo Bunny, El Foxo Siniestro, El Vis, El Freddie,

The superb Dr.'Des O'Connor' hosted the show as a last minute replacement for Lucha's regular presenter, 'Dr Rupert G Hooper', who was taken away by the State along with Dr Doppleshaftpumpt, for questioning regarding the whereabouts of Lucha Britannia's next secret shows and resistance meetings.
(Fortunately, neither Dr Hooper or Dopple broke under interrogation and the United Resistance Movement's secrets are still safe... for now.)

Dr Des O'Connor did an incredible job of keeping the Lucha Britannia fighting machine running smoothly and we hope we see more of him in the 'RetroFutureVerse'.

Along side Des they had another couple of new additions to the roster;
Firstly as co-commentator and crowd agitator they introduced 'Sergeant Motors', and another new wrestler by the name of 'Baron Von ChessMaster'.
Motors was a fantastic addition, acting as the very antithesis of O'Connor in style and character.
The Baron however, is particularly odd, even by Lucha Britannia standards!
He was recently rescued from 'Bunker 13' and has been very difficult to integrate into the team.
Maybe his conditioning from the State's re-programming is irreversible? Time will tell.

Stay tuned for more 'Silence Breaking' updates and pictures.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Slipknot and Faith No more! Lucha Britannia's support acts?

Lucha Britannia At Download Festival 2009, have the honor to be opening the whole proceedings on the Thursday night in the 'Bell Tent' in the 'Village', Then part two on Friday night after Faith No More, And concluding on Saturday night after Slipknot!

Lucha Britannia are the after-headline act for three nights at this years Download Festival...And it's gonna be mental!!!

The Lucha warriors, freaks and Luchadoras then get to hang out, nurse their wounds and go crazy with everyone else on the Sunday.

The 'United Resistance Movement'(URM) at Lucha Britannia have live games, competitions and giveaways for some lucky few who will be invited into the ring, as well as all the high flying, hard hitting Lucha Libre style Wrestling and 'Cabaret Siniestro' that the gang have become famous for!

Choose your favorite Luchador hero, support him, cheer him:
Choose your favorite Luchador Villian, Boo him, Hate him!

Watch and be loved by the Glamazon Luchadoras.
See and feel the strange love from the sinister freaks.

Prepare to scream, Prepare to shout, Prepare to laugh, Prepare to cry, Prepare yourselves to join the 'Revoluchan'!

Break the Silence!!!!
Tell ya friends!!
Poke ya enemies!!!
Become the Monsters of Rock!!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Lucha Britannia Wrestling & Cabaret to Headline Download Festival for 3 nights!

Returning with their high octane adult comedy freak-show and Lucha Libre Wrestling. The diehard fighting party that never sleeps is back with a vengeance this summer, exclusively at the Download Festival for three nights only!!!

A force to be reckoned with, stronger than ever before & ready to entertain with shows of epic proportions!

Come and enter the “RETROFUTUREVERSE”..... And topple the evil clutches of oppression!!!

It's now. It’s unique. It’s underground entertainment at its most bizarre & exciting!

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th & Saturday 13th of June at the 2009 Download Festival.

More news a we break it!

And Remember…

Loose Lips Sink Ships. Dig For Victory. Eat Less Bread. Careless Talk Costs Lives. Don’t Take The Squander Bug When You Go Shopping. The Thought Troopers Are Out There. We have Scrambled The Signal. Use That Stiff Upper Lip…

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Breaking the Silence at SE1 Club & I D scans!

In these draconian like times, even the semi-regular Lucha underground safe-haven of London Bridge's Se1 Club has been compromised by the system!

Yes, Security id scan checks were in operation! This was O.K. for the Lucha Britannia United Resistance Movement regulars who obviously have state of the art deception methods but what does this bode for the future of British clubbing where apparently all night clubs will enforce a 'No photo id, No entry' rule?

The 'Retrofutureverse' is closing in on us but luckily our Lucha warriors, Glamazon Luchadoras, Freaks and Uniques are well prepared with foolish, moral building entertainment and insane fighting skills the like of which, none other can compare!

Go to
to see the sneaky peaks of our most recent dangerously funny wrongness and rightness!

Breaking the Silence yet again!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Award winning British wrestling and cabaret siniestro returns to London Bridge!

Attention !!

After their unforgettable battle at the Brit awards and live ITV2 television appearance, The award winning 'Lucha Britannia' bring their own brand of iconoclastic, Lucha Libre Wrestling, OTT humour and hard hitting 'Cabaret Sinestro' back to London’s SEone Club on Friday 27th March for their 'Super Spring Surprise Show'.

(Please note that this is your only chance to catch Lucha Britannia's London show till after the summer festivals.)

So what have Lucha Britannia got in store for you and your friends this time...?...

More Fighting...More Comedy...More Horror... More Fetish......More Music...More Spandex......More Latex...More Heels......More Lingerie...More Action. . . . . .


New Matches, New Gimmicks, New Characters, New Performances!

The Baron and Missy's Misadventures!
(A live-action-silent-movie cabaret act inspired by, traditional freakshows, slapstick comedy, cartoons, tap- dancing, pantomime, cabaret, and everything that creeps!)

The Zombie Dance Resurrection!
(introducing our stunning new luchadora Miss Miranda)

Spring Bunny Mayhem!
(Thats right, Men in Fluffy Bunny outfits beating the hell out of each other!)

Glamazon Luchadora's Pillow fight!

And Plenty of

Lucha Libre Lunacy from...
Necrosis, Leon Britannico, El Parano, Metallico, Bengal Tiger, Shiro Yoshida, Bradford W Bush, and more!


Lucha Britannia's Silence Breaking Music Spinning DJ's:
Mark McCarthy: Dane3001: Stuart Vern: Miss Vinci:

Dress up in your most decadently inappropriate attire for a riotous night out!

The Cabaret is Risqué!
The Costumes are Outrageous!
The action, darn right Dangerous!


The Future is Lucha!!!
Viva El RevoLucha!!!!
Break the Silence!!!!!

Our websites have been revamped:

You can now find us on Twitter:
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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lucha Britannia 1st live British wrestling on ITV for over 20 years!

Yes Folks, its a fact!
Lucha Britannia's brief but exciting interview and subsequent wrestling action between presenter Rufus Hound and Lucha superstars Shiro Yoshida, El Parano and Leon Britannico, marks the first British wrestling fed to appear live on ITV in over twenty years!
Lucha Britannia was a big attraction at the 2009 Brit awards after party in London's Earls Court arena and put on a spectacular three hour show for the thousands in attendance!
Johnny Vaughan, on Capital radio's breakfast show, name checked the mighty Lucha Britannia on his program on the morning of the Brits.
Also on the BBC's news feed about the Brit Awards, Lucha Britannia, the wrestling ring and their Logo was seen and mentioned.
All the British Luchadores and Luchadoras at Lucha Britannia wish Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky the very best in their Oscar nominations for the film, 'The Wrestler'.
More news as we break it!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Lucha Britannia feature heavily at the Brit Awards 2009 in association with Mastercard

Lucha Britannia feature heavily at the Brit Awards 2009 in association with Mastercard.
That's the official word.

And what an after-party show we have lined up!

1. El Parano vs The Bengal Tiger (1on1)
2. Necrosis vs Metallico vs Leon Britannico (triple threat)
3. Sir Thomas Chamberlain vs Estupido the Human Torpedo (1on1 handicap)
4. Pretty Pervy Pig & Rabbit vs Pretty Pervy Bug & Fox (Woodland Tag Team)
5. Chamberlain, Metallico & Bradford W Bush vs Shiro Yoshida, Bengal Tiger,& Leon Britannico (Six man Tag)
6. El Elvisio vs El Hombre del Mercury (Death Match)

This Lucha Britannia show features the in ring debut of the quarrelsome inflatable animals of Pretty Pervy!!!
New latex couture from Atsuko Kudo!!!!
And the resurrection of the dead with a zombie dance!!!

With new Luchadoras, entrances, masks, music, characters, costumes and craziness!!!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Find out about wrestling in London with Lucha Britannia!

Lucha Britannia is yet again leading the way in British wrestling by providing more and more mainstream coverage to the fine and noble art.
Look out for coverage on ITV2&3 on Weds 18th Feb at 2009's Brit Awards.

2008 saw Lucha Britannia rise from an small underground subversive troop, into a bigger more elaborate force to be reckoned with, by featuring heavily on the BBC3's highlights of Reading and Leeds Festival where Lucha Britannia not only headlined the 'Alternative Arena' at both events, but also took on Indie darlings, 'British Sea Power' in the guest enclosure backstage.
Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe both said that 'Lucha Britannia was their favorite non-musical highlight of the whole festival'.

Later in the year saw Lucha Britannia team up with the worlds favorite alternative lifestyle magazine, BIZZARE, to create and produce an event of epic magnitude, The Bizarre Ball.

Together Bizarre Mag and Lucha Britannia pulled in the cream of British alternative entertainment from amputee fetish model Vikoria to kick ass rock n roll bands like the Pricillas and Zombina & the Skelletones. Samppa Von Cyborg to Jonny Woo. Vicky Butterfly to Syvan V Manticore. Amazing DJ's like Noko440, Dane, Vern, Miss Vinci, DeeBee & Vodka. Circus of Horrors to Pariah Circus. Top Dominatrixes and rope suspension experts to Glamazon Luchadoras!

They also produced a special issue of the magazine which featured all the acts, performers and partners with a huge eight page pull-out cover.

The Bizarre ball was such a huge success that in 2009 there are ruminations of a double reprise:Even Bigger!Even Better!

The 'URM' is growing stronger by the day with more and more revolutionaries joining the hilarious ongoing battle to rein supreme in the 'going out and having a great night' stakes.

Lucha Britannia says:
"we entertain like our lives depend on it...and they do!"

Break the Silence!!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Subversive SuperStars of British Wrestling Lucha Britannia add new Glamazon Luchadora to the rosta

The Subversive Super Stars of British Wrestling, Lucha Britannia, have just added a new Glamazon Luchadora to their midst.
The amazing young starlet, Miss Miranda, will be joining other Glamazon Luchadoras, Mamzelle Maz, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Dona Peligroso & the rest of the Lucha Britannia team at the Brit awards this Feb.
This follows the disappearance of missing Luchadora, Byzy Bizarre.
It is suspected that miss Bizarre was abducted by the state for interrogation.
The 'URM' here are working overtime to find a lead and hatch a plan to retrieve Byzy before de-programming occurs.
All the Lucha Britannia heroes here are sure that Byzy Bizarre will keep our secrets safe until her return.
More news as we break it!!!
Photos: bad-boy-boso.
Couture Latex Designs:

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lucha Britannia appearing at the Brit Awards!

Lucha Britannia will be performing at the Brit Awards after-party in London's Earls Court on Weds 18th Feb.
The whole event will be televised on the ITV networks and there will be several chances to glimpse the crazy hardcore wrestling world of Lucha Britannia and some of it's larger than life characters.
Although this is not a full Lucha Britannia show, rest assured that there will be enough thrills, spills, violence, sexuality and fetish mutants to keep even the most die-hard fans happy!
Long live Randy the Ram!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lucha Britannia is masked wrestling in the UK!

Lucha Britannia is masked wrestling in the UK!

After the team at "Lucha Britannia" had successfully finished helping the Mexican stars at "Lucha Libre London's" huge triumphant return, they were seen at the opening night of a fantastic new bar on London's Old St in Shoreditch, called 'South of the Border'.

This is a Mexican themed bar & live band venue with a great vibe, great decor & in a great location.(rumors of drunk Luchadors are greatly exaggerated)

Then, some of our tireless warriors were in a "Secret Wars" graffiti showdown at "Illustrated Ape Magazine's' new issue launch party which led into a wrestling demonstration & then a full blown Lucha Libre contest.
Led by revered graff artists, 'Tek1' & 'Jason Atomic', the larger than life caricatures are still on display at 'Resistance Gallery'.

Last but not least, to see the year out, five of the "lucha Britannia" masked high flying Luchadors appeared at 'Resistance Gallery's' Xmas kinky rock n roll showdown & participated in a parody of the X-Factor.

Shiro Yoshida hosted the competition with Bradford W Bush, Sir Thomas Chamberlain & El Parano as the contestants & the Bengal Tiger, Rajan Singh along with 2 audience members as the judging panel.

Needless to say the singing was terrible, the judging was super bitchy & a massive brawl ensued on the giant bouncy castle.

No one was seriously injured.

Feuds will continue in the new year.

London! Libre! Lucha Britannia!