Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lucha Underground 1 kicks ass and takes uk masked wrestling to new heights!

The first of the new run of Lucha Underground events was incredible!
A fantastic night out with more high flying thrills than should be legal in one night.

We totally fought the punk wars so we could have a band like 'Raw Chimp' to open the show with a couple of top notch electro-punk-sleaze-core-dance-rock tunes.

Lydia Darling set the venue on fire with her amazing flaming hoop performance.
Marnie Scarlet showed us room101 with her medical latex horror dance!

El Pirano faced off against Metallico and nearly got the victory after spitting water on the half robots circuitry, causing a malfunction akin to an epileptic fit.
Transexico & Bengal Tiger teamed up against Bush & Necrosis in a closely fought battle.
Sir Ashley Huntingdon took Billy Britannico to a no contest after Bush distracted referee Shiro Yoshida .
The eight man tag team action was fast and furious with high spot after high spot.

Check out a full review from of the show from Livemusic.FM

Pics from the show here!!

The next Lucha Underground show is on Fri 16th July
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Stay Tuned, Break the Silence!!!

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