Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lucha Underground begins here!

LUCHA BRITANNIA are starting their season of monthly Lucha Underground shows at their secret base, RESISTANCE GALLERY, this coming May Sat 22nd.

Entrance to these special shows will be strictly limited and tickets will be issued only through WEGOTTICKETS.COM
These Lucha Underground shows are the full on, up close & personal, Cabaret Sinistro experience!

The usual Lucha show is in front of many hundreds, sometimes many thousands, but with Lucha Underground, you get the original, old school vibe which is now almost extinct from most world class wrestling shows.
Plus you get the opportunity to really get close to the Lucha Britannia stars and performers!

The Lucha Underground shows will once again lead the way in alternative entertainment, pushing British Lucha Libre wrestling to new glorious heights before storming on and conquering DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL again in June and of course being omnipresent at the Summer BIZARRE BALL

The gang at Lucha Underground will also be at next Friday's inaugural Bizarre club night, BITCHSLAP!

Our Cabaret Siniestro Lucha Britannia personnel for the events, from our illustrious 'Roll Call of Valor', could include:
Dona Peligroso: Don Ominoso: Don Siniestro: Dr Rupert G Hooper: Dr DopplePumptshaft: Mamzelle Maz: Miss Miranda: Byzy Bizarre: Mark McCarthy: Haans: Brunhilde: Ana Agony: Tammy Torture: Stuart Vern: Noko440: Dane: Bengal Tiger: Shiro Yoshida: Leon Britannico: Bradford W Bush: Estupido: El Pirano: Metallico: Ultimo Perversio: Sheamus O'Shaugnessy: El Hombre De Mundo: Jetta: Sexo Viva: Necrosis: The Human Fly: Thoth: Andrew O'Neil: Ophelia Bitz: Vivid Angel: The Furies: Suppositori Spelling: Lady Ane Angel: Norma Guntz: Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus: Lucifire: Boxing Booga: Tusk: Gawkagogo: Fancy Chance: Elephant Man Elvis: Miss LaLa Lovette: Stand Not Amazed: Geoff Boyz: Dusty Limits: Syban V Manticore: Mamzelle Fifi: Pia: xxx Mouse xxx: 'Shadow' The Human Marionette: Invisible Man: Nawashi Murakawa: Fetish Diva Valeria: Dangerous Dolly: Dr Blackthorn: Pariah Circus: Crazy White Sean: The Limehouse Cutthroat: Ms Vinci: Bruno: Matty Mitford: Santa Gasolina: Samppa Von Cyborg: Lydia Darling, Lois of the Lane: Ritzy Crackers: Vanilla Lush: Pretty Pervy: Bunny Bam Bam: Samantha Stone: Veronika Valentine: The Baron & Missy: Foxo Sinestro: Morrigan Hel: Sophia Landi: El Vis: El Freddie: Mamzelle Fifi: Chilli Boom: Des O'Connor: Sir Ashly Huntingdon: Billy Britannico: Stixx: El Narcalepcico: El TranSexico:

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