Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wrestling & Sinister Cabaret Lucha Britannia style at Download

Battered, bloody, and bruised, Lucha Britannia are recovering after their 3 night headline takeover of the Download festival.

The thousands of new 'United Resistance Movement' warriors turned out en-mass, to witness and support the Lucha mayhem.

The fans who were fortunate enough to get past the on site, jobs-worth security were treated to a succession of spine tingling performances from Vivid Angel, Crazy White Sean, Pariah Circus, Syban V Manticore, Pretty Pervy and Bunny Bam Bam.
And of course incredible bouts of hard hitting-high flying-hardcore action from Necrosis, Leon Britannico, El Parano, Shiro Yoshida, Estupido, Bradford W Bush, The Bengal Tiger, El Thumpo Bunny, El Foxo Siniestro, El Vis, El Freddie,

The superb Dr.'Des O'Connor' hosted the show as a last minute replacement for Lucha's regular presenter, 'Dr Rupert G Hooper', who was taken away by the State along with Dr Doppleshaftpumpt, for questioning regarding the whereabouts of Lucha Britannia's next secret shows and resistance meetings.
(Fortunately, neither Dr Hooper or Dopple broke under interrogation and the United Resistance Movement's secrets are still safe... for now.)

Dr Des O'Connor did an incredible job of keeping the Lucha Britannia fighting machine running smoothly and we hope we see more of him in the 'RetroFutureVerse'.

Along side Des they had another couple of new additions to the roster;
Firstly as co-commentator and crowd agitator they introduced 'Sergeant Motors', and another new wrestler by the name of 'Baron Von ChessMaster'.
Motors was a fantastic addition, acting as the very antithesis of O'Connor in style and character.
The Baron however, is particularly odd, even by Lucha Britannia standards!
He was recently rescued from 'Bunker 13' and has been very difficult to integrate into the team.
Maybe his conditioning from the State's re-programming is irreversible? Time will tell.

Stay tuned for more 'Silence Breaking' updates and pictures.

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