Friday, 30 January 2009

Subversive SuperStars of British Wrestling Lucha Britannia add new Glamazon Luchadora to the rosta

The Subversive Super Stars of British Wrestling, Lucha Britannia, have just added a new Glamazon Luchadora to their midst.
The amazing young starlet, Miss Miranda, will be joining other Glamazon Luchadoras, Mamzelle Maz, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Dona Peligroso & the rest of the Lucha Britannia team at the Brit awards this Feb.
This follows the disappearance of missing Luchadora, Byzy Bizarre.
It is suspected that miss Bizarre was abducted by the state for interrogation.
The 'URM' here are working overtime to find a lead and hatch a plan to retrieve Byzy before de-programming occurs.
All the Lucha Britannia heroes here are sure that Byzy Bizarre will keep our secrets safe until her return.
More news as we break it!!!
Photos: bad-boy-boso.
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