Thursday, 5 July 2012

Next exciting instalment of Lucha Britannia

Yes, Lucha Britannia are the most popular, successful, award winning, underground, Lucha Libre, Cabaret Siniestro Show anywhere in the world & were only gonna get bigger, so get in while you still can & be part of the insane action!

 Fri 20th July is our next exciting instalment of high flying Lucha character crazy mayhem!
Tickets as always do sell out so get in before you melt in the sun!

Last month Leon Britannico successfully defended his championship title against the ever angry Estupido who was trying to take his revenge on Wossy but couldnt as Wossy was a no show.
It was a closely fought battle but our champ prevailed in the end.
Whats in store this month? Who knows?
Will Wossy return to give a stern talking to Estupido?
Will Leon remain our Champion?
Will Janey finally get a fair fight?
Will Shiro actually see when the bad guys are cheating?
Will Louche face off against Doug Rockefella?
Will Metallico malfunction beyond repair?
Will the dynamic duo escape from the Jokers evil lair?..Hang on thats something else!
Will our Knickers stay on this time???

But expect the unexpected with possible matches & apperances from:
Benjamin Louche, Glamazon Luchadoras Mamzelle Maz & Miss Miranda, Vaudy Ruin, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Estupido the human Torpedo, Shiro Yoshida the Japanite BuzzSaw, Leon Britannico the British Lion, Metallico King of the Scrap Heap, Bradford W Bush the Yankee Wanka, Major Lee Rotten, Necrosis the Half Zombie, The Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, El Pirana the Swamp Fish, El Demonio Frio, El Transexico, Santeria, Dark Britannico, Texico, Janey Britannico, the Fabulous Bakewell Boys, Los Hooligans & too many more to mention!! Plus DJ's Retro Clarke & Special guest!

Join the RevoLuchan!
Break the Silence!!

Dress Code - Exotic, Erotic, Quixotic or just damn Luchatastic!!
Star-crossed lovers, half human/half monster, famous couples, Mexican, retro, futuristic, showgirls, lucha libre, militaria, ballroom, harlot, gentleman, Victoriana, TV, men in black, circus, fetish, avante-garde, superhero, cyberpunk, steampunk, transvestite, animal disguise, vaudeville, ostentatious, old school wrestlers, kinky civil servants...just be wild & wear a mask!!!

Vive le RevoLuchan!

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