Friday, 2 March 2012

Big things ahead for Lucha Britannia!

Hola & gracias for still staying loyal to the most unique & exciting night out in London for the past 6 years!
That's right, Lucha Britannia has been making waves and breaking records again, as last year we performed 17 silence breaking, sold out shows!
Jonathan Ross secretly joined us at the show last month and asked weather or not he was too old to learn the high flying art of Lucha libre, and at one point was seen taking his jacket off, ready to get in the ring to face Estupido after being taunted by him early on in the proceedings! Luckily, Estupido's match started & turned his attention away before Wossy could get down the stairs!
Big things are in the pipeline for lucha this year with talk of Edinburgh festival, Kapow! comic convention, supersized Camden shows and television programmes in the works but that will not stop us from producing our very special, limited ticket regular monthly Lucha Underground events at Resistance Gallery for those of you lucky enough to get tickets in time!
So on Friday 16th March you could be one of the lucky few to get up close & personal with the super Lucha gang of ever expanding craziness by getting your tickets before they are sold out because they do sell out every month & fast!
Click this link to get them!
See ya in the funny papers!!
If youve ever wondered what it takes to be a Lucha superstar then come & visit the London School of Lucha Libre beginners classes every Monday night from 7.30 @ResGal!
Do you have artist skills?
Fine arts, comics, layouts, writing, graphic design, photography?
Want to get involved with Lucha & help us to become an even bigger monster?
Then drop us a line with your ideas! Were always happy to listen to our Silence Breaking army of Lucha Resistance!
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