Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lucha Britannia & the London School of Lucha Libre on BBC news!

It's been a super busy couple of months for us so hang on in....
The phenomenon of Lucha Libre is really starting to take a hold in the UK following a BBC news piece on the ground breaking and hugely popular Lucha Britannia show and The London School of Lucha Libre!
 See the news story here on the BBC news website!

Both the show and the school were also filmed by the Korean equivalent of BBC TV News channel called KBS and this excellent footage can be seen here!

Our next explosive flight into the crazy world of Lucha Libre Wrestling and Cabaret Siniestro is on Friday 17th June! Full details and tickets can be found right here on this link!
Click attending on our facebook event page here!
Mexican Luchador superstar Juventud Guerrera, who has held titles in every major wrestling federation around the world, came and gave us his unique seal of approval by becoming special guest trainer at the London School of Lucha Libre and talking about some involvement in future Lucha Britannia events upon his return to the UK in the winter!
Juventud and Lucha Britannia founder Garry Vanderhorne got on famously and plan on working together in the near future on a multitude of projects both inside and outside the world of Lucha Libre wrestling, including art and musical endeavours.
Juvie, like Vanderhorne, is also a musician and vocalist preferring the rock and metal vibe to most other things, but has also ventured into the world of Latino-sunshine-rap-pop !?!

Not only but also....Loaded Magazine put an epic five page feature about Lucha Britannia together in last months edition which has Peter from Family Guy on the front cover!

The adventurous and very brave reporter, Sam Rowe came and trained with the London School of Lucha Libre for a few months and learned a thing or two about the art of Lucha Libre, before he was put in a small angle during a show and thoroughly destroyed by El Pirana.
His technique was so good that his girlfriend started crying and thought that he'd have to go to hospital!
Well done Sam!!!

Exotico Luchador sensation, Cassandro and Legend of the mask, Blue Demon Jnr are coming to our headquarters to hang out, have a Tea & Biscuit, do some press for an upcoming tour and be this weeks special guest trainers at our world class Lucha school.

Cassandro has changed the face of Lucha Libre in Mexico by becoming the first out gay wrestler and showing that his in ring work rate and persona are second to none, as he's one of the most skilful, hard working  exponents and ambassadors of the art form in the world!
PS dont be fooled by his camp look..She's a tough as they come!!!
Other breaking news:
Janey Britannico made her spectacular début in a mixed tag match last week at Lucha Underground.

Sister of Lucha Britannia's top face, Leon Britannico, Janey tagged with her older Brother against the annoyingly evil Yankee Bosch sibling team of Bradford W and Faith Bush. As usual the rules of combat didnt seem appropriate for the Bush team as they schemed and cheated their way through much to the anger of referee Shiro, but it would be Bradford's arrogance that proved his downfall as he vastly underestimated young Janey's skills and ended up tapping out to her after she blew everyone's minds with a 'la Mistico' travelling tilt to whirl arm bar submission, thus proving again, that's it brains, not brawn that matters!

London School of lucha Libre head trainer, The Cockney Crusader, Greg Burridge has also had a prolific couple of months!
Read his story of agony and living the dream and see some of his film work here!

Tecnicos stop for a quick photo before the show by Izaskun Gonzalez
Our Basque Bomber, Izaskun Gonzalez has been keeping the photos coming thick and fast this month with lots of cool Lucha live and Lucha School pics, pay her a visit on her website and see the other stuff she does!
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