Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lucha Britannia Lucha Undergound: Mental March Massacre!

The awe-inspiring Lucha fighting machine and the cast of the United Resistance Movement are back, bigger bolder and brassier than ever for the next monthly excursion into Lucha Underground.
Friday 18th March.9pm.£15 advance (only a few tickets available on door £18)

Each month we seem to top the last, with sold out show after show of incredible high flying, death defying comedy & cabaret siniestro entertainment!

The wrestling is insane, the characters are outstanding, The girls are eye popping, the action unbelievable!!!
It has all your Favourite Freedom Fighters and Glamazon Luchadoras!!
Singles competition!
Tag Team Action!
Sex & Violence!!!

Featuring an all star cast of wonder and blunder:
Leon Britannico, Bradford W Bush, El Transexico, Metallico, Shiro Yoshida, Necrosis, Bengal Tiger, Tiger Jnr, El Parano, Ultimo Perversio, El Diablo Rojo, Estupido the human torpedo, Major Lee Rotten, Lagarto Del Plata, Mamzelle Maz, Miss Miranda, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Retro Clarke, Dr Rupert G Hooper & from the double R Club, Benjamin Louche!

Plus Cabaret Siniestro-Neo Burlesque starlets and comedy freaks to make your eyes water!

Special guests:

Break The Silence!!

Want to be a Luchador?? Join the London School of Lucha Libre now!

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