Monday, 9 August 2010

Masked wrestling daredevils of old London town: Lucha Britannia, Lucha Underground!

The masked marvels of the hard hitting, high flying, award winning, lucha libre cabaret siniestro show return with an evening of amazing wrestling spectacle!
Necrosis putting the hurt on Bengal Tiger while Yoshida ask's: "Whadaya say?" by Compulsive Behaviour

Last month saw an intense stand-off between Bradford W Bush and Lucha's refereeing wrestler, Shiro Yoshida.
Rumour has it that they will be ending their feud this month with a hardcore, no holds barred, Tokyo street brawl!

Tickets are limited but are on sale now!!!
Friday 20th August.  Resistance Gallery.  265 Poyser St.  Bethnal Green .  London. E2 9RF.  Opens 9pm
Fabulous Luna Rosa! by Jane Caley

Featuring an all star cast of wonder and blunder:
Leon Britannico, Bradford W Bush, Transexico, Metallico, Shiro Yoshida, Necrosis, Bengal Tiger, El Parano, Ultimo Perversio, El Diablo Rojo, Estupido the human torpedo, Mamzelle Maz, Miss Miranda, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Dr Rupert G Hooper, Plus neo burlesque starlets and comedy freaks to make your eyes water!

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