Saturday, 31 January 2009

Find out about wrestling in London with Lucha Britannia!

Lucha Britannia is yet again leading the way in British wrestling by providing more and more mainstream coverage to the fine and noble art.
Look out for coverage on ITV2&3 on Weds 18th Feb at 2009's Brit Awards.

2008 saw Lucha Britannia rise from an small underground subversive troop, into a bigger more elaborate force to be reckoned with, by featuring heavily on the BBC3's highlights of Reading and Leeds Festival where Lucha Britannia not only headlined the 'Alternative Arena' at both events, but also took on Indie darlings, 'British Sea Power' in the guest enclosure backstage.
Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe both said that 'Lucha Britannia was their favorite non-musical highlight of the whole festival'.

Later in the year saw Lucha Britannia team up with the worlds favorite alternative lifestyle magazine, BIZZARE, to create and produce an event of epic magnitude, The Bizarre Ball.

Together Bizarre Mag and Lucha Britannia pulled in the cream of British alternative entertainment from amputee fetish model Vikoria to kick ass rock n roll bands like the Pricillas and Zombina & the Skelletones. Samppa Von Cyborg to Jonny Woo. Vicky Butterfly to Syvan V Manticore. Amazing DJ's like Noko440, Dane, Vern, Miss Vinci, DeeBee & Vodka. Circus of Horrors to Pariah Circus. Top Dominatrixes and rope suspension experts to Glamazon Luchadoras!

They also produced a special issue of the magazine which featured all the acts, performers and partners with a huge eight page pull-out cover.

The Bizarre ball was such a huge success that in 2009 there are ruminations of a double reprise:Even Bigger!Even Better!

The 'URM' is growing stronger by the day with more and more revolutionaries joining the hilarious ongoing battle to rein supreme in the 'going out and having a great night' stakes.

Lucha Britannia says:
"we entertain like our lives depend on it...and they do!"

Break the Silence!!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Subversive SuperStars of British Wrestling Lucha Britannia add new Glamazon Luchadora to the rosta

The Subversive Super Stars of British Wrestling, Lucha Britannia, have just added a new Glamazon Luchadora to their midst.
The amazing young starlet, Miss Miranda, will be joining other Glamazon Luchadoras, Mamzelle Maz, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Dona Peligroso & the rest of the Lucha Britannia team at the Brit awards this Feb.
This follows the disappearance of missing Luchadora, Byzy Bizarre.
It is suspected that miss Bizarre was abducted by the state for interrogation.
The 'URM' here are working overtime to find a lead and hatch a plan to retrieve Byzy before de-programming occurs.
All the Lucha Britannia heroes here are sure that Byzy Bizarre will keep our secrets safe until her return.
More news as we break it!!!
Photos: bad-boy-boso.
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lucha Britannia appearing at the Brit Awards!

Lucha Britannia will be performing at the Brit Awards after-party in London's Earls Court on Weds 18th Feb.
The whole event will be televised on the ITV networks and there will be several chances to glimpse the crazy hardcore wrestling world of Lucha Britannia and some of it's larger than life characters.
Although this is not a full Lucha Britannia show, rest assured that there will be enough thrills, spills, violence, sexuality and fetish mutants to keep even the most die-hard fans happy!
Long live Randy the Ram!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lucha Britannia is masked wrestling in the UK!

Lucha Britannia is masked wrestling in the UK!

After the team at "Lucha Britannia" had successfully finished helping the Mexican stars at "Lucha Libre London's" huge triumphant return, they were seen at the opening night of a fantastic new bar on London's Old St in Shoreditch, called 'South of the Border'.

This is a Mexican themed bar & live band venue with a great vibe, great decor & in a great location.(rumors of drunk Luchadors are greatly exaggerated)

Then, some of our tireless warriors were in a "Secret Wars" graffiti showdown at "Illustrated Ape Magazine's' new issue launch party which led into a wrestling demonstration & then a full blown Lucha Libre contest.
Led by revered graff artists, 'Tek1' & 'Jason Atomic', the larger than life caricatures are still on display at 'Resistance Gallery'.

Last but not least, to see the year out, five of the "lucha Britannia" masked high flying Luchadors appeared at 'Resistance Gallery's' Xmas kinky rock n roll showdown & participated in a parody of the X-Factor.

Shiro Yoshida hosted the competition with Bradford W Bush, Sir Thomas Chamberlain & El Parano as the contestants & the Bengal Tiger, Rajan Singh along with 2 audience members as the judging panel.

Needless to say the singing was terrible, the judging was super bitchy & a massive brawl ensued on the giant bouncy castle.

No one was seriously injured.

Feuds will continue in the new year.

London! Libre! Lucha Britannia!