Friday, 5 December 2008

Lucha Libre London

Our allies from "AAA" & "Lucha Libre London" are back over from Mexico & "Lucha Britannia" will be again providing support for our friends & heroes at Camden's Roundhouse.

The Mexican Superstars have been in Lucha Britannia 's secret underground training centre & Head quarters this week, gearing up for their four day stint at the Roundhouse.

El Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon, Cassandro, Mystyco, Magna, Solar, Hijo del Solitario, Octagoncito, Mascrita Sagrada, El Lobo, Anibal Jr, Athor, Pequeneo Pierrot, all of the greatest legends of Lucha Libre today gathered in "Resistance Gallery" in London's East End for promos & press.

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