Sunday, 14 October 2012


All kinds of crazy! That's what Lucha Britannia is right now, with members of our super Lucha gang going off, left right & centre to appear on UK television, in theatre, performance art and what not!
Plus the Lucha Underground shows are really heating up, selling out every month, quite literally to the rafters, proving us yet again to be the hottest ticket in town

The team behind Lucha Britannia are working flat out to bring the L.B. Resistance fans the very best cutting edge wrestling entertainment & Cabaret Siniestro show this land has to offer and this month is no exception!

The Lucha Halloween HellStorm is here, FRI 19TH OCT, 2012 Doors at 9.00pm!!!
Get tickets now before it's too late to save your soul!

See the Lucha Britannia world champion, Leon Britannico defend his title against the monstrous 7ft tall Brujo Witch Doctor, Santeria!!!

 See the craziest high flying action from Europe's most death defying Cabaret Siniestro exponents of the art of Lucha Libre!
Remember: Halloween's come early this year so get you freaky costumes on and join in the fun!!!
Last month Santeria & Leon Britannico went crazy mad in a close fought title bout, with Leon just beating the count to retain the championship.

For this months awesome show you may well see....Benjamin Louche, Glamazon Luchadoras Mamzelle Maz & Viva Ruin, Estupido the human Torpedo, Shiro Yoshida the Japanite BuzzSaw, Leon Britannico the British Lion, Metallico King of the Scrap Heap, Bradford W Bush the Yankee Wanka, Major Lee Rotten, The Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, El Pirana the Swamp Fish, El Transexico, Santeria, Texico, Janey Britannico, the Fabulous Bakewell Boys, La Mosca Cojonera, Dark Britannico, Disco Diablo, Los Hooligans & too many more to mention!! Plus DJ's Retro Clarke & Special guests! Join the RevoLuchan! Break the Silence!!

Dress Code - Exotic, Erotic, Quixotic or just damn Luchatastic!!Star-crossed lovers, half human/half monster, famous couples, Mexican, retro, futuristic, showgirls, lucha libre, Monster, militaria, ballroom, harlot, gentleman, Victoriana, TV, men in black, circus, fetish, avante-garde, superhero, cyberpunk, steampunk, transvestite, animal disguise, vaudeville, ostentatious, old school wrestlers, kinky civil servants...just be wild & wear a mask!!!

If you've ever wondered what it takes to be a Lucha superstar then come & visit the London School of Lucha Libre beginners classes every Monday night from 7.30 @ResGal!

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