Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Former Lucha Britannia Super Star now on WWE's ECW!

Former Lucha Britannia super star, Sheamus 'SOS' O'Shaughnessy is now a force to be reckoned with on WWE's ECW.

The young giant from Ireland was battling his way through the Lucha Britannia team just two short years ago and is now terrorizing the roster of ECW with his monstrous arsenal of moves and power.

Lucha superstar Shiro Yoshida has had first hand experience of the Irish Curse.

"Sheamus is a big, strong, angry man! I was on the receiving end of one of his freak outs at the end of one of my matches against Bradford W Bush. He ran into the ring, pretended to assist me but instead smashed me with his axe, slammed me to the canvas, and choked me unconscious with his weapon. We all thought he was honorable till then...However i hold no ill will and wish him the best of luck, wherever he may compete."

Sheamus is currently a rising star on ECW along side fellow Brit's, Paul Burchill and Katie Lea, and they are now part of the largest wrestling federation in the world.

Monday, 13 July 2009

London's wrestling stars to give seminar on masked Lucha action

From Mexico to North America to Japan stopping briefly in the 80's in England, and now again in the 00's, masked wrestling is the height of underground cool!

Veteran star of 'Lucha Britannia', Shiro Yoshida, is giving a rare talk on the history of the masked wrestling art called 'lucha libre' on the Saturday of the 'Iconography of Mask' festival.

Also speaking will be Resistance Gallery owner & Lucha Britannia creator, Garry Vanderhorne.

Garry will be doubling up with Shiro to provide what will almost certainly be a passionate and insightful look into the world of masked wrestling, it's history, it's future and what it means today.

Also at times throughout the three day of events, Stars of Lucha Britannia will be giving demonstrations and available to chat with, about the dangers, high's and low's of the art of Lucha Libre wrestling.